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Anarchism, Chomsky, Nietzsche

Noam Chomsky is a famous linguist and a political philosopher. He is best known for the common idea he carried out through most if not all of his political writings – anarchism. In Chomsky’s book ‘On Anarchism’, which I have recently read, the author opens with acknowledging and debunking the most common misunderstandings about anarchism,

Che Guevara T-shirt

What are they going to think? Do I appear happy and do I make a good impression? If not, they are going to rate me badly on social media, it will ruin my image; I better smile and be nice. Let’s look at the page of the new person I just met. Are these thoughts

Art as A Way To Be Forever

The following article is going to propose a way of eternal being. But first, I would have to exclude the most famous and the easiest alternative: the notion of soul. For the purpose of this article, I am going to eliminate the possibility of existence of soul and, consequently, the afterlife. With this assumed certainty

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