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HIMYM, Friends, and loneliness

How I Met Your Mother and Friends are TV shows about inspiring but challenging paths that everyone has to undergo in order to find the one true love. Both shows are supposed to inspire one to go look for “the one”. Immediately. That one last word adds a sinister tone to the message, doesn’t it?

Writer’s Tricks From Dostoyevsky

Well, not all of his tricks, just the ones I have noticed in ‘Crime and Punishment’. Although I have read ‘Notes From Underground’ and ‘Idiot’, only while reading ‘Crime and Punishment’ did I specifically pay attention to the writing technique that I could probably steal for my own creative writing projects. There have been a

Three States of Abstract Expressionism

Abstract paintings are confusing. More so are abstract expressionist ones. The whole movement can be characterized as the one that aims to use paint solely to express strong emotions (hence expressionism) in the purest form understandable for everyone (hence abstract). Unfortunately, the movement turned out too abstract and thus became an intellectual entertainment for an

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