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Structuralism and Zen Buddhism

In the following article I am going to define three seemingly unrelated (or very loosely related) terms and demonstrate how they are, at their core, the same idea. The only difference between them is how broad they are and (spoiler alert) that one of them is so broad it is pushed to an impossible extreme.

“Deep” Meanings and Mathematics

There is something quite annoying in art discussion communities: finding “deep” meanings that were obviously not intended to be there. Sure, one can open a discussion about what is meaning, how it arises, and whether the whole power of attributing meanings is left to the author’s intentions or viewers can also participate in the process.

Soundtrack of Death

Eternal silence broken by the flash of all creation – the Big Bang. Then the first bacteria and fish developed, in silence. Then those first beings evolved into apes, still in silence. Finally, one of those apes bent wind in the name of art and created the first known melodies somewhere in the caves of

Neden Bilkent Uluslararası İlişkiler?

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