Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Find Your Inner Self

Sometimes we all get lost in life and don’t know what to do, which to choose, where to go or how to achieve our aims. This is normal and we can deal with this situation. We all have different goals and wishes, but the thing is how to reach them. What we should do is to step out of our comfort zones to understand and explore ourselves, so that we are more likely to achieve our goals. We are in a long summer holiday. It is about 3 months and we have all the time we need to find our real wishes and achieve them; but first, we have to change our routinized life to explore!

Here are some tips about how you can step out of your daily routine and experience new things:

Travel with Interrail

I know that we all know what Interrail is, but I want to specify its main purpose again. It is getting on a train and travelling around Europe for cheap. You can prefer to discover a certain country with its all details or you can choose to visit lots of countries during your trip. No matter which one you choose, the common point is that this will be full of adventure, friendship and culture. If you decide to travel with Interrail, you can check their official web page to make a plan and change your routines to learn more about yourself.


Learn a New Language in a Foreign Country

This option is both about travelling and learning something new. That’s why, it’s my favorite choice to explore myself. It can also be beneficial for our future careers but the important point in this tip is that you should choose the language that you are really interested in. If not, you are more likely to be disappointed. So the language that you will prefer to learn should be useful for your future aims. However it is not only about career; it is also about learning a new culture, meeting new friends who will change your life, and travelling around a foreign country.


Participate in Volunteering Projects

This is very different from the previous preferences because this is not about satisfying ourselves but instead, making an effort for the greater good or for other people. There are lots of projects in need of volunteers all around the world. You can choose your project by looking at your abilities and interests. You can work in a project for children to teach them how to write and read, or you can be a volunteer about the environment. This list goes on and on, but the main and the most significant point for you is that these projects can enable you to discover your new sides as you start making changes in others’ worlds, not only in yours.

Türkçe Özet

Herkese sıcak bir yaz gününden merhaba! Bu ilk ingilizce yazım olma özelliğini taşıyan yazımda, insanların günlük rutinlerinden çıktıkları zaman kendileri hakkında daha çok bilgi edineceklerini yazdım. Kendimiz hakkında bilinmeyenleri öğrenmek için tek yapmamız gereken konfor alanlarımızdan biraz olsun çıkıp farklı maceralara yelken açmak. Farklı maceralar için önerilerimden bazıları:

1) Interrail ile seyahat etmek

2) Yeni bir dili konuşulduğu ülkelerden birinde öğrenmek

3) Gönüllülük projelerine katılmak

Umarım bunlardan birini dener ve kendiniz hakkında hiç bilmediğiniz yönlerinizi ortaya çıkarırsınız. Herkese iyi tatiller!



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