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Anarchism, Chomsky, Nietzsche

Noam Chomsky is a famous linguist and a political philosopher. He is best known for the common idea he carried out through most if not all of his political writings – anarchism. In Chomsky’s book ‘On Anarchism’, which I have recently read, the author opens with acknowledging and debunking the most common misunderstandings about anarchism,

Che Guevara T-shirt

What are they going to think? Do I appear happy and do I make a good impression? If not, they are going to rate me badly on social media, it will ruin my image; I better smile and be nice. Let’s look at the page of the new person I just met. Are these thoughts

Art as A Way To Be Forever

The following article is going to propose a way of eternal being. But first, I would have to exclude the most famous and the easiest alternative: the notion of soul. For the purpose of this article, I am going to eliminate the possibility of existence of soul and, consequently, the afterlife. With this assumed certainty


Jacques Derrida ve Gayatri Spivak 20. yüzyıl Fransız felsefesi (French Theory) ve postyapısalcılık denince Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Lacan ve Michel Foucault’nun yanı sıra akla ilk gelecek isimlerden biri de Jacques Derrida’dır. Derrida, özellikle edebi teoriye temel oluşturacak düşüncelerini yazıya dökerken çoğu zaman felsefenin sembolik dilinin dışına çıkıyor gibi gözükse de yazılarıyla hem edebiyatın hem de

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